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Department of Education

(Katedra pedagogiky)  


Department of Education

Student mobility exchange





Department of Education

(dept. of pedagogy) 


Head:  Assist. Prof. Martin Strouhal, Ph.D.

Deputy-head:  Assist. Prof. PhDr. Jitka Lorenzová, Ph.D.

Administrative secretary: Mgr. Martina Lukášová

               Address:  Katedra pedagogiky FF UK,

               Celetná 20,

   116 42 Praha l - Staré město

Phone:   (00- 420- 2) 221 619 648

Fax:       (00- 420- 2) 221 619 660




Educational activities:

- The department of Education provides: the Bachelor (Bc.), Master (Mgr.) and Doctor (Ph.D.) study program in the field of “theory of education” (see programmes below).

- Graduates are to be client-oriented educational professionals for personal, social and moral development (education), social pedagogy, counseling, building of school curriculum and innovations, pedagogy teaching and as assistants for children with special needs and social problems.

- Moreover, our department also provides courses (teacher traning), for students of the Faculty of Arts (Philosophical faculty) and  Faculty of Sciences Charles University, who are going to become teachers.

- The department also offers courses for teachers and leisure time specialists and for teachers who do not have the required teacher training qualifications.


Research topics and activities:

– Ongoing research projects:

- Teachers' of Teachers: career paths and concepts of teaching.                                                                                                                           - Social educators and their professional career twenty years after the introduction of the academic discipline at universities.

To be finished 2022.

– Finished projects:

Teachers of Teachers and Education: An Analysis of the Prerequisites for Occupation.

Finished 2017.

“Social competences of the teacher and possiblities of their development“

(a sub-project within „Teacher profession and changing needs of the education“ coordinated by College of Education, Charles University)

Finished by 2013

- “The idea of school for all and the Czech education system in the European context” (Czech Science Foundation)

Finished by 2010


Programs of study:


Bachelor degree study program (6 semesters) : 

- “Education”

Offers the following courses:

general pedagogy; didactics; theory of education; history of education and pedagogy; philosophy; general – educational – developmental – social psychology; sociology and sociology of education; leisure time education; pedagogy of personal and social development; school counselling and pedagogical diagnostics; social pedagogy.


Master degree (4 semesters) :

- “Education”

Offers the following courses:

methodology of research in education, history of education, foundations of philosophical, anthropological, psychological and sociological theories of human personality, comparative education, curriculum and instruction foundations of the European education, cooperative and team teaching, internship etc.


- “Social education”

Offers the following courses:

methodology of research in education, social politics, social pedagogy and social intervention methods, social pathologies, social proceses management, diversity and education, counseling, methodology of personal and social education, self-development training, law, internship, etc.

Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) study programme (6 semesters) :

- “Education”

Offers the following courses:

Philosophy, foundations of education, foreign language, research and methodology, other disciplines in education and psychology according to individual interest.

Other requirements: publications, participation in conferences, teaching courses within the department.

Doctoral thesis.


!!! All the above mentioned programs are also taught in the distance form of studies !!!


Staff members:

(names and specializations)

– PhDr. Karolína Burešová, Ph.D., senior lecturer

comparative pedagogy. social pedagogy

– PhDr. Hana Kasíková, CSc., associate professor 

curriculum and instruction, didactics, cooperative learning, diversity and education, teacher training

– PhDr. Jaroslav Koťa, associate professor

philosophy of education, sociology of education, social psychology 

– Mgr. Tereza Komárková, Ph.D., senior lecturer

pedagogcal psychology, research methodology

– PhDr. Jitka Lorenzová, Ph.D., senior lecturer

social pedagogy, social pathologies, moral education 

– PhDr. Martin Strouhal, Ph.D., senior lecturer

social pedagogy, theory of education, philosophy of education, teacher training

– Mgr. et Mgr. Martina Švandová, Ph.D., senior lecturer

psychology, counselling, special education

– PhDr. Ivana Tvrzová, lecturer

school pedagogy, teacher training, practice

– PhDr. Josef Valenta, CSc., associate professor 

methodology of personal and social education, drama education, communication training

– PhDr. Růžena Váňová, CSc., associate professor 

history of pedagogy and education

– PaedDr. Eva Vincejoivá, Ph.D,, senior lecturer

teacher training


External staff (teachers for core subjects only):

– PhDr. Zdeněk Kolář, DrSc., professor

general pedagogy and curriculum and instruction - doctor´s degree only

– PhDr. Hana Krykorková, CSc., senior lecturer

psychology of learning

– and external staff for facultative subjects (pre-school education; media pedagogy; counselling; bullying; school management etc.).



Information for student mobility exchange


Students of all study programmes at Department of Pedagogy can use possibilities for student´s mobility exchange at the partner´s departments of foreign Universities. Students mobility is a great opportunity to obtain new information from the field of study, widen study possibilities and improve language skills. There is a wide offer of various programmes and agreements for student´s mobility. Among the most used:


  • Intercollegiate and interuniversity agreements
  • Intergovernmental cultural exchanges
  • LLP/Erasmus
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Courses
  • SCIEX-NMSch Fonds
  • International Visegrad Fund
  • Anglo-Czech Education Fund
  • Co-tutelle
  • Fund of mobility
  • Scholarship for co-operation etc.

Besides  possibilities arranged by International office of Faculty of Arts (of Philosophy & Arts), students can use scholarship, which are offered by non-profit organizations. For example:

  • Foundation Alexander von Humboldt
  • Czech-German fund of the future
  • CIMO – Study in Finland
  • British Council
  • Fulbright Foundation etc.

It is possible to obtain detailed information and contacts on the website of International office of Faculty of Philosophy & Arts:


Students mobility exchange LLP/Erasmus


Department of Pedagogy offers for student´s mobility following agreements:

  • Uniwersytat Jagiellonski Krakow
  • Univerza Ljubljan
  • Universidade de Coimbra
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
  • Universita Komenského Bratislava


Information for mobility exchange:


Students can use the possibility for mobility only once during their study. The mobility programme can be realised at the latest during the fourth year of bachelor´s study and at the latest during the third year of graduate study programme. The same limitation is set for students of postgraduate study programme.

The admission process has two runs. The successful pass at the department run is the condition for the second, ie faculty run. The main aim is to learn about student´s motivation for their study abroad, language skills and study results. The place and time of admission interview is apprised on the website of department. The admission interview is held during March.

The first step after nomination for mobility is the completion of on-line application on Application includes Transcript of Records, which can be obtained at Student office FFUK and Learning Agreement signed by authorities. All necessary documents must be sent to partners University till 30. 5. for winter term and 30. 10. for summer term.

Other information and forms for students mobility can be obtained on website of International office of Faculty of Philosophy & Arts


Other international cooperation

Department of Pedagogy has cooperation on the field of science with:


International Contacts and Cooperation:

  • University of Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • University of Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla (Spain)
  • University of Coimbra (Portugal)
  • University of Joensuu (Finland)
  • University of Bodo (Norway)
  • University of Krakow (Poland)
  • University of Zagreb (Croatia)


Erasmus Department Coordinator

Department of Pedagogy



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